sunrise at Whitehaven Beach on a whitsundays 4 day 3 night tour

Author – Ayla Wilde
Date Published 31/12/2020

Whitsundays 4 Day 3 Night Tour

2020’s been one for the books. There’s no denying that. We have the perfect way to recover with our Whitsundays 4 Day 3 Night Tour. For all you wanderlust, adventure-seeking, travel die-hards out there, you’ve probably so desperate for a travel adventure that you find yourself considering buying a ticket on that flight from Singapore that simply does a lap of the sky to feed you plane food and deposit you back down right where you started – just to get the feeling of an international adventure.

Only you can’t get to Singapore so I guess that’s out too. But what if I told you, you could experience that feeling of pure bliss swimming the crystal aqua blue waters of the Maldives, dive into the depths of an underwater world of Indonesia, hike the mountains of the Komodo Islands, sleep in a floating backpackers (let’s be honest, we all miss it even if we pretend we don’t), sail in the islands of Croatia, and sail past the villages of the Amalfi Coast, simply by boarding a flight to tropical north Queensland?


You can get a taste for all of these countries your adventurous side is dying to visit by flying to a little town called Proserpine and setting sail on a 4 day Whitsunday cruise around the Islands with Prosail Whitsundays.

Hear me out, I know you probably think I’m pulling your leg but I promise you I’m not. I didn’t even know this little slice of paradise existed until 2015 but it’s exactly that. And doing a four day sailing trip is the best way to experience it fully. The trips are jam packed with adventure and activities, but for the sake of my word count and your time, I’ll just drip feed you some highlights of each day.

Lookout Over Whitehaven Beach Whitsunday Islands Australia
Prosail Whitsundays sailing experts

Whitsundays 4 Day 3 Night Tour Daily Breakdown

Day one has you arriving at the marina for check-in early where you’ll meet all your fellow adventurous sailing buddies and be greeted by your Prosail crew.

If you’re anything as much of a coffee addict as I am, be sure to arrive early and treat yourself to a coffee from Bohemian Raw café not far from where you’ll be checking in. All the trips vary because the team at Prosail are as likeminded, fun and adventurous as you are, so they like to mix things up, but most likely day one will have you going for a sail out into the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park of the Whitsundays.

The crew will involve you as much as you want to – so you can even help them set for sail if you’re feeling like a workout and the full Whitsundays Sailing experience.

The afternoon will probably find you jumping off the boat for a swim and a cool down with all your new pals, and the night is where you’ll sit back and enjoy the delicious food the crew have prepared for you, maybe even knock back a beverage or few with your new pals. If it’s nice weather ask the crew for one of the yoga mats and sleep under one of the most starry skies you’ll ever see (there’s nothing quite like the stars at sea when our Whitsundays 4 day 3 night tour).

friends looking at a sunset over the whitsunday islands

Day two is a personal favourite – Whitehaven. If you’ve pinned a picture of the sandy white beaches of the Caribbean to the roof of your bedroom in hopes we’ll be able to travel freely again soon, then I can guarantee it will be for you too.

I’m talking 7kms of some of the finest grade white silica sand, and the second-best beach in the entire world (number one is in the actual Caribbean). 

A member of your Prosail crew will take you on a short hike up to see the third most photographed place in Australia, the swirling sands of hill inlet – which even after visiting 20+ countries is still one of my favourite places in the world.

Snap your new Instagram, facebook profile picture, or even tinder pic (I’m not here to judge) and soak in the view before heading down to the beach. You’re sure to be feeling massive Maldives vibes as you dive into the crystal clear waters of Whitehaven and spend a couple of hours soaking up the sun on the beach. Be sure to pack sunscreen team we all know the Australian sun has a little more to her than the Med.

Whitsundays 4 day 3 night  Tour With Prosail

4 days in The Whitsundays Sailing

If you haven’t already, day three will probably see you going for a snorkel or two. Don’t believe everything you hear team, I promise you that the great barrier reef is still more than alive in the Whitsundays!

The team at Prosail have a few of their favourite bays lined up ready to take you on an adventure under the sea while on these Whitsundays 4 day 3 night Tours. If you’ve been dying to go on a reef trip to Vanuatu or Indonesia to swim with the fish, then this day will probably be for you hundreds of different varieties of fish and as home to six of the seven different species of sea turtles, you might even be lucky enough to score a swim with squirt from Finding Nemo. if you really enjoy being underwater see our new Whitsundays Freediving Charter

Seeing the colours of the great barrier reef with your very own eyes, and the way the corals sway gently with the current is a bucket list moment for anyone out there (even if you don’t know it). I should have probably mentioned it already but there’s nothing quite like waking up to the stillness of the islands. Most of the mornings are early starts but even if you’re not a morning person, you will be on the boat. The gentle quiet and serenity as you sit on the deck with your morning coffee, listening to the birds morning song, is an essence of the Whitsundays you cannot experience on the day trips. It’s exactly what the doctor ordered, especially if you’re in desperate need of a break from the city lights. Even more so if you’re nursing a bit of a hangover after having a few more than a few with your new pals in true Croatia sail style. At least one of the nights the crew will stay up teaching you their favourite overnight games if that’s what you’re feeling – they live for these trips and you’d be rivalled many others that love their jobs as much as them.


girls ready to snorkel the whitsundays coral reefs with Prosail

The last day will probably treat you to a hike if you’re down for it, you’ll likely have already done one prior to this as well. Even if you’re not much of an active person I do not recommend skipping this part of your adventure.

A hike up through the tropical flora and fauna of the Whitsunday’s, to a view overlooking the islands, has you feeling serious scenes of a Mediterranean meets the tropics vibe. Plus you’ll definitely break a sweat so its essentially a complimentary full body detox at the same time.

All good things must come to an end and unfortunately, the Prosail trips are no exception, so after your morning activity it’ll be time for sail home.

 As you sail back into Airlie Beach in style overlooking the beautifully arranged houses and hotels on the mountains, you’re almost teleported to the coastal towns of the med – Amalfi Coast eat your heart out.

I could go on forever listing reasons why sailing the Whitsundays with Prosail is a must, but I’ve already listed a good five countries and I’m doing my best to stick to my word count. If you’re craving an adventure hit and missing all the best parts about travelling the world then this is the next best thing. This year has given me such a new found appreciation for this beautiful country we are lucky enough to call home, so why not support and explore it like we see people from all around the world do each year. Now… what’re you waiting for? Get your best crew together and set a date, hand that annual leave notice into work, and book yourself a flight to the Whitsundays.

For more information and bookings on our 4 day 3 night Whitsundays Tours please see our Condor Whitsundays and Broomstick Whitsundays Pages, or to get live availability please click here for our booking page


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