whitehaven beach voted number 1 in world

Author – Ayla Wilde
Date Published 13/4/2021

Whitehaven Beach Voted Number 1 In The World

Airlie Beach and the Whitsundays are home to the best cruises and adventure tours in Australia

Psst – we’ve got some news to share with you! Whitehaven beach just got voted the no.1 beach in the entire world according to Trip Advisor (although it’s been number one in our eyes forever…). For the last 3 years we’ve come second to either Grace Bay in the Caribbean or Zakynthos Beach in Greece (also known as shipwreck beach) depending on the forum – but this year we’ve taken the cake and we’re pretty stoked about it. It received a perfect average of 5 stars from over 2,300 reviews, so if it’s good enough for that many people it’s definitely worth a visit!

With over 7k of white sandy beach and some of the most vibrant turquoise waters you’ve ever seen, it has to be seen to be believed. Did you know it’s 98.9% pure silica sand has a number of incredible qualities? You can:
• Use it to shine up your jewellery (only the high quality stuff though guys, if it’s not real it’ll have the reverse effect and that would make for a very awkward rest of the trip – new fiancés we’re looking at you);
• Exfoliate your skin – trust us it really works! Rub the sand all over your body and it’s one of natures best exfoliants – your skin will be left feeling as smooth and soft as a babies afterwards;
• A natural teeth whitener! Although it also scrubs off the protective enamel from your teeth, so I guess it depends on what you value more. You’re also at the risk of including tiny bits of silica sand in every meal from that point on for the next few days; and
• Apparently you can wash your hair with it?! We’re not sold on this one but you’re welcome to give it a go – it’s entertaining for us and your fellow travel buddies at the very least.
Whitehaven’s hill inlet and Bettys Beach, which also happens to be the third most photographed place in Australia, is also home to an abundance of wildlife, including:

• Various different species of rays such as the cowtail ray and the leopard ray;
• Baby lemon sharks (don’t worry about mama, she’s far away);
• Soldier crabs (who scurry across the sand at low tide in the masses and bury themselves in the sand when they hear you coming);
• Loads of fish life including black banded trumpeters, mangrove jacks, and more;
• The occasional sea turtle – the GBR is home to 6 of the 7 species of turtle! Although you’re more likely to spot these guys in Tongue Bay, the drop off point for North Whitehaven and Hill Inlet; and
• You might even be lucky enough to spot a humpback whale from the lookout point if you visit in whale season (July- Oct) as they migrate from the south to have their young in our warm waters.

Our Whitsundays Sailing trips are the best way to see Whitehaven beach as we often get to spend a FULL DAY exploring both north and south ends of the beach, the perfect way to switch off and allow yourself to fully immerse yourself on the BEST beach in the WORLD. Don’t take our word for it – take Trip Advisors, and book an adventure with us here.

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