From the best snorkelling spots, to our favourite anchorages and top hikes – we’ve made a Whitsundays Sailing Map so you can visit them all.

It’s a tough gig when there’s almost too many beautiful places to visit on a sailing trip, isn’t it. To make it a little easier on you, we’ve created a Whitsundays sailing map of our favourite spots. We’ll list our favourite hike, snorkel, sunset spot and anchorage just so you know which one’s are unmissable, too (our favourite beach kind of speaks for itself).


Our Favourite Hike on the Whitsundays Sailing Map

We know this may open some controversy, but it’s got to be either Mount Jefferies or Spion Cop on South Molle Island. While Whitsunday Peak and the Whitsunday Cairn are epic hikes for people more into a challenge, we find that the South Molle Island hikes provide stunning panoramic views and the tracks are lower grade so more achievable for all abilities.



Our Favourite Snorkel on the Whitsundays Sailing Map 

This is a tricky one… our favourite spot to snorkel is the outer Great Barrier Reef (closest location is 35 nautical miles from land) but around the islands would have to be either Butterfly Bay (northern Hook Island) or Mackerel Bay (Eastern Hook Island). However, pretty much all the ones we list are incredible and Mantaray Bay, Blue Pearl Bay and Luncheon Bay are great for the fish scene – so many yellow tail fusilier’s that swim right up to you! We affectionally call some of these spots the aquarium.


Our Favourite Anchorage on the Whitsundays Sailing Map 

Again, this is a hard one to choose just one spot. But if you’re forcing us to we guess we’d choose Blue Pearl Bay if you’re chasing a good spot to watch the sun set over the ocean (a lot of them it hides behind the islands) or South Whitehaven Beach. South Whitehaven is a different kind of beautiful because you get to wake up to the quiet stillness of an often packed out location. Plus, you get the added benefit of being one of the only ones on the best beach in the world first thing in the morning.


Our Favourite Sunset Spot on the Whitsundays Sailing Map 

Either Langford Island (although this is best for an afternoon hangout and golden hour) or Scrub Hen beach on Whitsunday Island. Langford is an epic little sand split surrounded by reef so the perfect spot to fly the drone, and also a common spot for spotting turtles! Unfortunately the reef has been pretty damaged by storms so it’s not the best snorkel location. Scrub Hen you will usually have to yourself or share with another of the tours we often sail alongside – if you have it to yourselves – great! You’ll get to watch the sunset over the ocean with a sundowner in hand, and if you’re sharing it with another tour – it’s a great chance to meet new people.


whitsundays sailing map
Prosail Guest Overlooking Bettys Beach

Does the Whitsundays Sailing Map look a little overwhelming and you want someone else to pick the spots for you?


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