Dec, 2021

Sailing, snorkelling, sun bathing, and like-minded people.

The Whitsundays has a lot to offer, so it can be hard to find the product that’s right for you. There’s romance options galore, but for the purpose of this article, I’m going to focus on sailing holidays for young singles (and why Prosail does it best).

We’ve all been there, wanting to pack your bags and embark upon a new adventure, the thought of not knowing who you’ll meet and how they’ll change your life forever making you feel all tingly and excited.

Duration: +/- 4 days, 3 nights
Location: Whitsunday Islands
Budget: $899.00

, drinking It used to be the prospect of booking a spontaneous flight to a new country, checking into a hostel and wondering if you’d by chance booked into a room with your new best friend for life or find  yourself sitting at the bar and locking eyes with a bit of eye candy opposite.

Nowadays, holidays for young singles to the stunning picturesque coastline of Italy isn’t quite as easy as it used to be – but that’s where we jump in to let you know we’ve got the answer.

Sure, maybe you had your heart set on meeting your future someone sailing a yacht through the Caribbean with a bunch of like-minded legends, drinking rum and sleeping under starry skies. Well, what if we said we could bring the Caribbean to you?

With crystal clear waters of just about every shade of blue you could possibly imagine, the Whitsundays is without a doubt one of the most amazing places in Australia. Not to mention the palm tree lined beaches, stretches of white silica sand, countless varieties of fish and coral, 6 of the 7 species of sea turtles, and the list goes on…

Whether you’re on your own or travelling in a group, Prosail’s trips are the best option for sailing holidays for young singles.

Our boats are laid out like floating backpackers. Once world-famous racing maxi sailing yachts, they have now been converted into open plan living quarters and depart regularly taking a bunch of people all similar to you, on the trip of a lifetime that you’ll be telling the grandkids about in years to come. Hey, you may even meet their grandma or pa on board!

We know that when people think of sailing holidays in the Whitsundays you can sometimes envision private cabins, fancy dinners, titanic photo replicas on the bow of the boat, having a bubbles as the sun goes down before sliding into bed, reading a book, and having lights out by 9pm. And hey, we think there’s a place for that too. But it’s not what we’re about. 

Prosail are for the adventure.

We want you to experience the absolute most out of what our beautiful little slice of paradise has to offer, whether that be visiting the outer Great Barrier Reef (that huge expanse visible from space), hiking the peaks, free diving, spearfishing, lounging on Whitehaven Beach (only THE best beach in the entire world, but who’s judging…), sunrise yoga, or knocking back with a cold one as you watch the sun set over the ocean. We’re passionate about what we do, who we hire, the trips we run, where we go, and making sure that when you step off our boat in 3, 4 or 6 days time, it’s grinning ear to ear.

We attract what we sell, making this the best sailing holiday for young singles. 

Having said that though – it’s not all we do. We’re not exclusively young-singles-only and hey, if you want to bring that bubbles on board and be in bed by 9pm then that’s totally fine too. We’re sailing holidays for everyone – for young singles, for couples, private charters for families, whatever it is your heart desires. We’re just not luxury, we decided to put that to the side so we could embrace adventure instead. 

Enough of the sales pitch, we’re fairly confident we’ve caught your attention at this point. 

If you want to know any more about any of our tours, follow these links: 

* Free Diving ceritifcation

* Spearfishing the outer Great Barrier Reef 

* Private Charters 

* 3 day 2 night mixed group

* 4 day 3 night mixed group

* Hiking, yoga and freediving 

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