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Discover the Whitsunday Islands with friends and family on a private charter with crew and meals included. Its a lot cheaper than you think!

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Private Yacht Charter

You will have the yacht to yourself with Professional Crew to sail you around the Whitsundays.



3 Crew, All Meals, Wetsuit, Snorkel Equipment, Filtered Water, Tea + Coffee


Personalised Charters

We work with you to make the best experience possible.

Way Cheaper Than You Think

From $220 per person per day based on a group of 18

Explore the beautiful Whitsunday Islands on a crewed and catered private charter with Prosail. Choose from our three ex-racing maxi sailing yachts–Condor, Broomstick or Hammer Whether it’s a get-together with friends and/or family, birthdays, sporting or social group activities, business incentives and/or team building, we can create a private charter experience to suit your requirements.

Choose From 3 Yachts For Private Charter

1. Sailing Yacht – Hammer

Hammer is a 73 Foot ex-racing yacht.

Max Occupancy 18 Overnight (30 Single Day)

Charter Length – 2 To 7 Days (1 day charters can be arranged if the vessel is available)

Included – Crew 1 Skipper Master 5, 1 Deckhand, 1 Host/Deckhand

Price Includes – All Crew, Meals and Snacks, Filtered Water, Bed Plus Linen and Pillow, Mask, Snorkel, Wetsuit

Built for speed, Hammer is the first choice for many Aussies who want a true sailing adventure to explore and experience the magnificent Whitsundays. As a maxi yacht, Hammer is a speed machine.


2. Sailing Yacht – Condor

Condor is an 79 Foot ex-racing yacht.

Max Occupancy 19 Overnight (30 Single Day)

Charter Length – 2 To 7 Days (1 day charters can be arranged if the vessel is available)

Included Crew 1 Skipper Master 5, 1 Deckhand, 1 Host/Deckhand

Price Includes – All Crew, Meals and Snacks, Filtered Water, Bed Plus Linen and Pillow, Mask, Snorkel, Wetsuit

The mighty Condor is a legendary race boat that is known all over the world by the sailing fraternity. Now sailing the Whitsunday islands this legend will happily take you all over the Whitsunday Islands and has the certification to visit the outer Great Barrier Reef!



3. Sailing Yacht – Broomstick

Broomstick is a 76 Foot ex-racing yacht.

Max Occupancy – 19 Overnight (30 Single Day)

Charter Length – 2 To 7 Days (1-day charters can be arranged if the vessel is available)

Included Crew 1 Skipper Master 5, 1 Deckhand, 1 Host/Deckhand

Price Includes – All Crew, Meals and Snacks, Filtered Water, Bed Plus Linen and Pillow, Mask, Snorkel, Wetsuit

Broomstick features 22 metres of deck space for socialising, relaxing and sunbathing! this awesome sailing vessel has competed in sailing regattas all over the world.

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Based on 650 reviews.
Megan Muehlbauer
Megan Muehlbauer
21. January, 2021.
Sun, Sea, and Sail! Better late than never, but I went on the 3 day 2 night Whitsundays sailing adventure with my contiki group in March 2020, and I had such a good time! Prior to arriving in Australia I had never been on a sail boat before, and this exceeded my expectations. The crew was so much fun (Jy, Courtney, and Alex), and our captain Joey was such a cool bloke. Before arriving into Airlie Beach, we had been experiencing really bad weather and Airlie Beach and the Whitsundays did not disappoint! The weather on our sail was fantastic! And not to mention we had the PERFECT DAY at Whitehaven Beach. The snorkelling spot we went to after Whitehaven was nice and secluded, as we were the only one's there at the time. The water clarity wasn't the best due to some storms that had occurred a few days prior, but the water was warm, and I still managed to see some fish (and sadly, get stung by a jelly despite wearing a stinger suit). I am someone who has a lot of dietary restrictions and allergies, and Courtney and Alex (master chefs), were very accommodating with my dietary restrictions and the food we were given was so good! Probably some of the best food I had had in my 3 months of traveling. Some of the cons about the overnight sail is that there was no air con, and limited shower time (I have curly hair that turns into a lions mane if neglected for longer than 24 hours, and the mix of the salt water didn't do it any favours), but overall these things are very minor and didn't stop me from having a good time, and therefore can be overlooked. An extra tip: bring a power bank for your devices that is fully charged so you aren't waiting to use the charging ports on board the boat! (no mobile service outside Airlie Beach anyways so just unplug, and have your devices ready for pictures!) I highly recommend Prosail to anybody planning on heading to Airlie Beach and the Whitsundays, as it is a mini-holiday in a holiday. Definitely will be doing this sailing adventure again once I can get back to Australia post-covid! Thank you Prosail Whitsundays for an amazing time!
11. January, 2021.
Absolutely incredible experience! The 4 day 3 night adventure to the outer reef on Condor was one of the best experiences of my life! The boat felt so safe, Josh and his crew were amazing and helpful and the food was incredible. We were a group of 20 and we were all comfortable, well fed and full of wonderment. And no one got sea sick! (one of my main fears before leaving). When we arrived at the outer reef on Day 2, with no land in sight, we all felt the excited feeling of ADVENTURE. The snorkelling was incredible; just like a postcard. So many colourful fish, white tipped sharks (harmless), soft corals. Josh and his crew took our safety very seriously both on the boat and in the water. They were extremely professional, patient, helpful and knowledgable. The feeling of being out to sea after a world-class snorkel, watching the sun set in the company of great people all sharing the awe was INCREDIBLE. More than merely ‘recommend’ this experience, I say if you don’t do it, you’re missing one of the truly most memorable experiences of your life.
11. January, 2021.
Great for older kids! Review By Bayla Kenway, Age 12 (4 day adventure to the outer reef Jan 2021) I really recommend going on this adventure out to the reef. The snorkelling was incredible and pristine. I loved the sailing chill out time reading and sun baking on deck. I am 12 and I encourage other kids to go it is not boring at all. Whilst snorkel snorkelling we saw massive schools of bumphead wrasse, a few harmless sharks, an octopus, colourful coral and more colourful coral!! Review by Remi Kenway, Age 11 I really loved going to the Great Barrier Reef. l am 11 and I really recommend taking kids. If you go I guarantee you won’t be disappointed l’m sure the Outer reef will Be one of the most amazing things you will ever experience. The trip is very exciting and the boat feels very safe. And to top it all off the food is amazing!
Maddie O
Maddie O
10. January, 2021.
Treated like royalty My friends and I stayed on the Hammer for two nights and had an unforgettable experience. We went during the wet season so our trip was quite rainy and overcast. However, the weather didn't dampen our experience and we got to see so many sea animals, how vast and beautiful Whitsunday Islands and reefs were, and our crew used the rain as an opportunity to see, swim, and climb a huge waterfall! The meals were fantastic and we never went hungry. I really appreciated how friendly and enthusiastic the crew were. They constantly made sure we were comfortable and even allowed me to sail the boat! Thanks so much guys.
6. January, 2021.
Unforgettable Experience!! I recently went on Prosail's outer reef tour on one of their maxi yacht's Condor. The trip felt more like an experience rather than a tour due to the crew being so personal, knowledgeable and passionate at what they do. Snorkelling at the outer reef and seeing the pristine coral and sea life is something that I will never forget and will definitely recommend to anyone I know travelling to the Whitsunday's. The boat itself is awesome, clean spacious and has some pretty cool history which skipper Josh explained. The food was also great, super fresh catering to everyone's needs. Overall a must do if you're after something completely unique and adventurous this will be right up your street!
Alexandra B
Alexandra B
5. January, 2021.
Best New Years Eve on the Whitsundays Boy does this Crew know how to party!! Josh, Ayla & Benny took us on a 4 day/3 night sailing cruise of the Whitsunday islands on the ex-sydney to hobart legend the Condor, and it was truly the experience of a lifetime (until we come back again). The crew adapted to the different weather conditions and took us snorkeling and on mini hikes to some of the best views in Australia. Their level of professionalism was second to none, the safety of the passengers was paramount as well as making sure that we all had the most incredible parties you could imagine! When it came to meal time i was pleasantly suprised with how great the food was and how well it catered to people with different dietary requirements. Be aware that these boats are dorm style sleeping so make sure you become friendly with other passengers, and make sure to pack light as there is not much room for luggage. Due mostly to the weather we only got to snorkel once on our trip, and during summer months you need to wear stinger suits (for your own protection), so make sure you do your research on what time of year best suits you! Could not recommend a tour with Prosail more highly! 11/10
Dani F
Dani F
27. December, 2020.
All the highlights in one trip For me, this was a return trip to the Whitsundays as I wanted to show my husband some places that are dear to my heart. I have previously sailed with other operators. This time I chose Prosail and the 4 day/3 night Condor trip because I wanted to be on the water for as long as possible and their itinerary is jam-packed full of the best parts of the islands. I also thought the outer reef day they offer was a huge bonus as this is an expensive day trip to do on its own and, from personal experience, I know that the big commercial tours are disappointing. We booked the trip over Christmas so that we would have people to share the holidays with. The trip itself was everything I hoped for and more. I can't describe the level of contentment and joy I felt being able to reconnect with nature and the ocean. The crew were so amazing; super friendly, knowledgeable, laid back and approachable, with an obvious passion for their jobs and an undisguised love of the Whitsundays. This trip is not for people seeking luxury; as is the case with any maxi-yacht, you live closely with those on the boat, spend a lot of time wobbling around deck and get broken sleep. But if you are someone who is seeking a true relaxing ocean adventure with great company, home cooked meals (including freshly caught reef fish), the best snorkeling locations, good music and an epic itinerary, this is the trip you must not miss.
Liv M
Liv M
12. August, 2020.
Best 3 days of my life---- thank you, thank you, thank you! Incredibly grateful for an amazing adventure. The legendary crew, breathaking scenery, fun activities, awesome sailing, the beautiful boat itself, delicious food and just the energy and atmosphere was 10/10. Please... do yourself a favour and book yourself on this, I would honestly recommend it to anyone and I will be back to do it again as soon as I can 🙂 Here are a few of my highlights that were super special: The crew are such genuine, kind and caring people. You can just feel the passion for what they do. Also very enthusiastic and funny...the guys got us so excited every day and for every activity we were doing. They really made an effort to get to know everyone and make the trip as special as it could be. I felt like I could ask them any question and nothing was too hard or an effort- they made everyone on board feel so safe, secure and comfortable. It felt like we were all best friends at the end of the trip and did not want to get off !!:( I loved experiencing sailing for the first time- there is nothing quite like the feeling of cutting through the water and feeling the breeze on your skin and the salt on your skin it was just heaven. I was scared of sailing initially but the crew were helpful in explaining what to do (and making it so fun!) But you didn't have to sail, there was also the option to sit back and relax on the deck. The scenery, pale white sand, clear blue water and wildlife was breathtaking. We were super lucky with the weather. The snorkelling was the best I have seen in the world and I didn't see any evidence of coral bleaching or anything of that sort. Whithaven Beach and Hill Inlet was just mesmerising...can't even put into words! I will always cherish that photograph of the view of the top. It was very peaceful even though we were with a group. I couldn't believe how delicious the food was and it far exceeded my expectations. Crazy that it was all cooked on a boat! - especially the nachos they were to die for and exactly what we all felt like after a full day of snorkelling. We also spent lots of time relaxing, reading, just looking at the miraculous view of the islands and even fit in a spot of sunrise yoga on the deck. There's a million other things I could mention but all in all, thanks to Prosail for making this an adventure I will never forget. <3
Tony S
Tony S
4. August, 2020.
Epic Adventure- a "real" experience!! What an Epic adventure- Just did a trail running and Sail tour with these guys and the Townsville Outer Limits team For 4 days -We just smashed our way around the Whitsundays - the best sailing destination in the world in perfect sailing conditions on 2 racing Maxis in Broomstick & Condor- these boats are amazing -so smooth, crashing through & surfing waves leaning over at 45 degrees -Hang On! as these 2 great boats joust & race Our Crew were super cool, they just love what they do - and (don't tell them) - a great laugh! Massive thanks to Josh & Ayla, Ethan & Dan. Food was awesome (surprisingly so) - one ply WC paper not so. I'll be back next year (hopefully my running improves)- 12 out of 10
3. August, 2020.
What a way to explore the Whitsundays! We spent 3 nights onboard with our fun and experienced crew Joey, Ben, Tash, and a heap of new and old friends. It was a wonderful experience, I'm so glad to have had the opportunity.
Private Charter Highlights

Experience real adventure sailing!
Visit Whitehaven Beach & Hill Inlet Lookout
Visit multiple snorkelling locations to check out the magnificent fringing reef around the Islands (all part of the Great Barrier Reef Marina Park)
Longer charters (3+ days) have the option to visit the outer reef (weather depending)
Enjoy multiple bush-walks and hikes (with lookouts and stunning views)
Get involved in the sailing! (or just sit back and relax)
Let our crew take care of getting you around and providing delicious food so you can enjoy the sites, explore, have fun and relax.
Reconnect with family & friends
You have the whole boat and crew to yourselves so your trip can be totally customised to what you and your group want to see and do
Extra comforts like rain & sun shades, hot showers, USB charging stations, thicker snorkel/swimming suits in the cooler months
One of the most sustainable and environmentally friendly ways to explore the Whitsunday Islands!
Covid Clean Practicing Business


Three experienced and fun crew (a skipper and two deckhands/hosts)
Daily breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon snacks, dinner & dessert while on the charter
Tea, coffee & filtered water (BYO alcohol & other beverages)
Snorkelling equipment (mask, snorkel & suit – we provide thicker suits in the winter months)
Comfy bed, pillow, bed linen 
All Marine Park fees
Hands-on sailing experience
USB charging stations, sun and rain shades & mats to sleep on deck if you wish