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Author – Ayla Wilde
Date Published 11/2/2021

Liveaboard Whitsundays Experiences With Prosail

Airlie Beach and the Whitsundays are home to the best cruises and adventure tours in Australia

We all need an escape from the fast pace of today’s society, and the perfect way to do that is to embark on one of Prosails Liveaboard Whitsundays Experience. Depending on the boat you chose and how much time you have, you will farewell the mainland of Australia for either 3 days and 2 nights or 4 days and 3 nights, and enter the beautiful great barrier reef marine national park of the Whitsundays. Take a deep breath in and fill your lungs with that beautiful clean, crisp, country air as you sit back with your visor shielding the sun from your face and soak in the tropical paradise that awaits you.

Why Choose Prosail For Your Liveaboard Experience?

With impressive boat lengths of Hammer (73ft), Broomstick (76ft) and Condor (79ft) it means there is plenty of deck space to chill out, read a book as you bask in the beautiful sunshine, sit back with a cheeky beverage of choice, or even stretch out your morning yoga routine! It also means that there’s a deceptive amount of space below for your sleeping quarters, two shower/toilet facilities and galley/kitchen area. If I had a penny for every time I heard “wow, there’s loads more space down here than you realise!” I would be rich I swear.

inside the boats where you live and sleep
Prosail Whitsundays sailing experts

Ayla Explains The Highlights Of Living On A Yacht

A liveaboard Whitsundays experience is the best way to see the islands, as it allows you time to slow down, relax, and take it all in. Whilst you will get the main highlights in a day trip, by giving yourself a few days you can fully enter into vacay mode and switch off, knowing that as soon as you depart, all the cooking, adventuring and planning is completely taken care of for you for the next 3-4 days.

One of the key highlights of a liveaboard experience is sleeping on the boat with nothing more than the gentle sounds of the ocean and the hum of the fauna on the islands. After all the lights are out, roll out one of the yoga mats that are supplied downstairs and stare up at the stars – that sight within itself is enough to send a feeling of peace and tranquility through you as you didn’t even realise how much you missed the stars until you see them like this.

There are only 7 resort/hotels on the whole stretch of 74 islands, and we don’t even anchor anywhere near them, so the stars out there are like nothing else. If the weather is nice enough you can even sleep out on the deck underneath them.

Let’s talk about waking up at sea while on a Whitsundays Sailing adventure. There’s no better way to start the day than waking up in the morning to the sound of the birds as the sun rises over the silhouetted peaks of the islands, and you sip on your morning coffee and tuck into the buffet-style breakfast downstairs. Miles away from anything could possibly cause you any stress back home, and the best part is, with Prosails liveaboard you get to do this for another two or three days depending on what you’ve booked.

If you are looking at hiring the boat to yourself see our Skippered Yacht Charter Whitsundays Page


Liveaboard Whitsundays with prosail

Whitsundays Liveaboard boat configurations

CONDOR:  this beauty is the biggest of the fleet at 79ft long with 19 individual beds 

BROOMSTICK: only slightly smaller than Condor at 76ft, ‘Broomy’ also has 19 individual beds 

HAMMER:  She’s the smallest of the 3 (but only by 6ft), sleeping a maximum of 23 people, but also the ‘homiest’ interior of the trio.

There are 3 different Whitsundays Liveaboard boats in the fleet that are slightly different in size and configuration:

 Yacht Hammer Broomstick Condor
Length 22.5m (73ft) 23m    (76ft) 24m  (79ft)
Single Beds 13 15 8
Double Beds 5 5 11
Toilets 2 2 2
Hot Showers 2 2 2
Built 1987 1992 1987
Latest Refit 2020 2019 2019
Floor Plan & Images Click Here Click    Here Click Here
Whitsundays Scenic flight looking at heart reef

Why a Liveaboard Whitsundays Sailing Trip is the best way to discover our region

Over the course of the dedicated Whitsundays Liveaboard trip, you’ll no doubt get some incredible sailing in as well, and you can even help the crew with this and learn as little or as much as you want about what it takes to power a maxi yacht with only the wind behind you to fill the sails. If this is your first time on a sailboat you’ll understand why everyone loves it so much, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of the boat cutting through the ocean with nothing but the power of nature and the sound of some of your favourite tunes pumping through the speakers. Take our word for it, by the time the trip finishes you’ll be just as in love as we are.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be the fully switch of relax mode if that’s not what you’re after – if instead, you want to mingle and meet a bunch of new people then that’s exactly what you can do. This Whitsunday experience is all about you and your fellow passengers, you can choose to take it as easy or as adventurous as you want. Whether that be getting into full relax mode, or having a cheeky boogie at 10 pm after a few beverages, it’s whatever you make of it.
Some more trip highlights of a Prosail liveaboard Whitsunday experience include:

Fully catered menu (incl. morning and afternoon tea, and best of all- dessert)
All the usual highlights (and more) include:

  • Whitehaven Beach
  • Hill Inlet
  • 2+ snorkelling spots
  • Bushwalks
  • Longer time at each destination
  • A chance to fully experience the islands, including extra walks/hikes, more snorkelling, both ends of Whitehaven beach and longer time at each stop
  • 3 experienced crew to help you out with anything you need

To talk to us about any liveaboard Whitsundays trips contact us on or use our chat feature.


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